Thursday, December 09, 2004

Greeting from Earth

Hello friends, Welcome to my blog.
I decided to start a blog after the past few weeks. I thought it was better to do this then to bomb you with emails. You can read them when you have time, or you plain missed me (like that would happen).
So, I've been working a lot. Still covering that story from Northern WI. They have raised 160,000 dollars for the victims and their families. The next court date for the shooter is Dec 29th, 2004. They may plead him out.
Mike (my son) is doing great! He just took 2nd place in a skating comp, and he got his first trophy. If he landed his Misty flip he would have won. He would have beaten Josh (his mentor).
Our move to Detroit was put on hold when I got the last job. I was looking forward to it. It would be nice to get closer to my family. I found out why Mike wants to move so soon, he found out his Dad is moving out of state (I think it great, the farther the better).
I wanted to make it to the MotorCity Rock reunion, but that got put on hold..geeezszee, I put a lot of things on hold.
What else to say?? Hmmm the internet is a really cool place to be. I'm single and I love it, I'm in a really good place in my life and very happy. When I get a few minutes and not in the middle of the night I'll find a good man. Oh, and sailing is the best way to get away from the world. Nothing like the mist over the bow of a boat in your face and in your hair. Take care Jacque